The cold, hard fact – your facility helps to make people sick.

EcoShield Inc.It’s not your fault. Every day, your facility is faced with a huge biological load. Customers, employees, clients, patients, delivery personnel and visitors all bring in germs and pathogens from everywhere they have been each day. They bring them in and leave them at your facility. Add to this the normal facility operations, coughing, sneezing, sweat and dirt, you have a huge pathogen load that normal antiquated cleaning procedures cannot handle.

Illnesses like MRSA are becoming increasingly common and more dangerous. This can be transmitted by contact of skin, towels, mats, benches or other hard surfaces. Studies have shown that H1N1 may live on paper money for many days. Americans who have chronic illnesses costs this country more than $1 trillion each year. According to the Office of Health & Human Services, The Center for Disease Control and the US office of Personnel Management, The workplace is a main “Point of Spread” for the flu and other illnesses. Illnesses like MRSA, C-Diff, H1N1, Superbugs and more are getting harder to control every year.

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